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AURIE-Q NEW - 3.5 - 12 Cm YO-ZURI

AURIE-Q NEW - 3.5 - 12 Cm YO-ZURI

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Even more efficient, this new generation of Aurie - Q has technical characteristics that make it the most efficient egi squid on the market.

Ultra-profiled body : The profile of the Aurie-Q New is very thin laterally at the head for better hydrodynamics. This aegi is therefore easier to handle in bichi bachi and its jerks are even faster.
Anti-snag lead : The specific shape of the Aurie-Q New lead has been specifically designed to accentuate 3D jerks while limiting snags.
Ultra-resistant grappling hook : Round in shape, the spikes of the double grappling hook are ultra-resistant and equipped with a formidable sting.
Recognition feathers : The Aurie-Q New has feathers of different colors to recognize at a glance the properties of your squid aegi:
- White: classic color
- Green: green phosphorescent body
- Blue: blue super phosphorescent body
- Violet: UV treated body, purple brightness
- Red: UV treated body, red brightness

  • Super fast 3D jerks
  • Stable descent
  • Anti-snag lead
  • Ultra-strong grapple
  • Reconnaissance Feathers
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