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BerleyPro Bumperbro Hobie 2019+ Outback

BerleyPro Bumperbro Hobie 2019+ Outback

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Bumper Bro Hobie Outback 2019+

Protect your keel as you pull your kayak in and out of the water! Available in several models and designs.

Bumper Bridge is a kayak keel guard that is designed to be mounted on the front of your kayak to avoid damaging it.

This kayak guard is designed to fit your specific kayak and protects the nose when you enter edges with hard surfaces that can damage the kayak's plastic front. This is perfect for those who start at boat ramps, rocks and other similar surfaces.

The kayak cover is made of thermoformed ABS plastic. We recommend that you install it with marine goop or other glue that does not destroy the kayak material. These can also be attached with 3m VHT tape, but we recommend that you put glue around the edges to ensure that the part does not get sand or debris underneath. The part is designed with large sides to provide a good area for gluing on your kayak.

Heat-formed of 3mm ABS plastic.

No glue or tape is included to attach the cover to your kayak. 

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