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BerleyPro Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 70 Series Visor

BerleyPro Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 70 Series Visor

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Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 70 Series Visor

These screen protectors are designed to reduce sun rays and water splashes on your sonar. The screen protector then contributes to a sharper image, the ability to reduce the screen strength (which saves you power) and that you get a better image to distinguish structures and fish on your sonar. BerleyPro produces screen protectors for each specific sonar model to offer a perfect fit and keep your sonar looking great!


      • Reduced impact of sun
      • Splash guard (especially around SD card slots)
      • Reduced sonar operating temperature, especially by keeping the sun away from the chassis.
      • Longer battery life by being able to lower the brightness
      • Simplifies the use of touch screens as there is less water on the screen

          Made in Australia from black ABS plastic!

          This is very easy to assemble and is done in under 5 minutes. Screws for mounting are included and require no external influence on your sonar. Standard mounts are used and everything needed to mount the sonar (except tools) is included.

          Echomap UHD 72, Echomap UHD 73, Echomap UHD 74, Echomap UHD 75


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