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LJ cheburashka lead - 5g

LJ cheburashka lead - 5g

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The Lucky John Jig Ball is a sinker, with a removable stainless wire clip, which gives you the versatility to add your own choice of hook size. Any type of eyed hook can be used with the Cheburashka rig, which means that as long as you have a suitable hook available, any shape or size of lure can be rigged to the same head. When you want to change hooks, simply pull out the clip, slide on your chosen hook, push the wire back. The Cheburashka rigging consists of a particular sinker, an offset hook and a soft silicone bait like Tube, Worm, or Shad. The sinker is in the shape of a sphere and has a snap, which opens up, but then locks again inside the sinker, after passing through the eyelet the Offset hook ring. This rigging is widely used in freshwater fishing throughout Central Europe and the USA, targeting the Largemouth Bass, Perch, Pikes. This way of rigging soft baits however, is gradually gaining ground in the Mediterranean, mainly when fishing the Mediterranean Sea bass in shallow waters, during the Spring and Summer season, where the fish have specific eating habits. The Cheburashka rigging gives our silicone bait a very free and natural movement and as a result it reproduces the natural movement of an injured baitfish that Sea Bass is feeding on, during the summer period. It is very easy to set up and use the Cheburashka rig, as all we have to do is choose the right silicone lure, rig it on the Offset hook, then pass the Offset hook’s eye through the stainless steel snap and secure it again inside the Lucky John sinker. The rigging is ready to go.

5 gram - 5 per pack

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