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Lowrance Active Target 2 with Module, Transducer & Mounts

Lowrance Active Target 2 with Module, Transducer & Mounts

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Catching fish is easier when you can see them interacting with structure and responding to your lure – in real time – with Lowrance high-resolution ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar. Quickly recognise if your lure presentation is working or if you need to make an adjustment to get fish to strike – information that is harder to get from traditional sonar or structure imaging.

It’s easy. Drop your lure on a fish and watch the catch unfold in real time – from the fish striking your lure to reeling the fish to the surface – you'll see it all in incredible detail.

Get the best picture - See the clearest, highest-resolution images of fish swimming in and around cover and structure with ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar. Get the best picture every time with optimized image and stabilization settings that deliver crisp and clear live action views of fish and structure, even in rough conditions.

See the full picture - Delivering a wider, more complete underwater image than any other live sonar, ActiveTarget 2 shows you exactly what’s going on under the surface by capturing a wider section of the water column as a live action feed. Enhancements to the beam widths broadcast from the ActiveTarget 2 transducer make it possible to show more detailed images further from the boat than ever before.

See all around the boat - Track fish and your lure presentation with high-resolution views in front, below and to the sides your boat, or use the Scout mode to see an ultra-wide, overhead view of structure and fish activity in front of your boat. Perfect for finding bait balls and big schools of fish.

See More Simultaneously - Target fish better than ever, watching multiple ActiveTarget 2 views at the same time, with a second optional ActiveTarget II transducer. Monitor multiple views at the same time – from Forward, Down and Scout modes – and enable additional Forward + Back and Scout Wide views showing images out to 180 degrees for more effective fish and bait tracking ahead of the boat.


Ethernet: 1 - 100 Mbit Ethernet Port


Shock and Vibration: 100,000 cycles of 20 G

Humidity: 60°C, 95% relative humidity (RH) for 18 hours


Frequencies: 550kHz - 1100kHz

Max Depth: 200' (60.96m)

Interface: Ethernet to: HDS Pro HDS Live HDS Carbon Elite FS


Connections Description Ethernet Ports
Brand Lowrance
Voltage Description Supply: 12V & 24V DC Systems (10.8V - 31.2V DC)
Amps Description Typical: 1.5A @ 13.8VDC, Maximum: 1.5A @ 13.8V DC
Fuse Recommended: 3A
Contents ActiveTarget Module, Transducer, 15ft Ethernet Cable, 4-Pin Power Cable
Height Description Module: 192.1mm (7.56"), Transducer: 82.4mm (3.24")
Width Module: 219.3mm (8.63"), Transducer: 149.8mm (5.9")
Depth Module: 72.9mm (2.86"), Transducer: 58mm (2.28")
Weight Module: 1.86 kg (4.12 lbs), Transducer: 1.21 kg (2.67 lbs)
Operating Temperature -15°C to 55°C (5°F to 131°F)
Temperature Range Storage: -30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°F)
Warranty 1 Year + 4 additional years of upgrade options (totaling 5 years)
Mounting Description Module: Surface Mount, Transducer: Bracket Mount
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