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lucky john fat tioga 3.9"

lucky john fat tioga 3.9"

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Tioga FAT 3.9" — a lure designed for angling trophy predators. Due to the original form of its body, this lure, while moving in the water, generates swings, which attract predators. Its side ribs serve to enhance the lure’s play, making its movements more real. This hybrid lure has a worm-like body with typical thickening in the front part and small hoof-tail from shad. It is equipped with a special pocket for off-set hook installation. Thanks to its “fleshy” body, this lure can be used without front split shots in plant-filled water bodies. The lure has an attractive mackerel scent. The Scent&Taste Inside Formula guarantees that, after the bite, fish would hold the lure in its mouth for the maximum period of time, allowing you to perform an efficient strike.

SIZE 3.9" - 5 PER PACK

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