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lucky john tioga 3.4"

lucky john tioga 3.4"

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Tioga is a lure designed specially for perch and pike-perch fishing. The unique shape of the body provides movements in the water generating swings attracting a predator. The side ribs strengthen the play of the lure, providing it with «live» movements. The hybrid lure has a worm-shaped body with the typical thickening at the front and small claw-tail of the shad. The lure has the attractive smell of mackerel. Tioga 5.1 and 6.1 cm are the best lures for micro jig, it can be installed both on a jig-head and on an offset hook. Bigger lures Tioga 9.9 cm are perfect for classic jig, and Tioga 7,5 cm can be successfully applied to many kinds of different rigs with a lead. The smallest lures attract the attention of perch and ratan goby and other micro jig fish. Bigger models will get interest of pike and pike-perch. Scent&Taste Inside Formula ensures that after the biting the fish will keep a bait in the mouth as long as it is possible. It will always allow performing of timely and successful hooking.

SIZE 3.4" - 6 PER PACK

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