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Railblaza Polycraft Tuffy Tender Boat Pack 2

Railblaza Polycraft Tuffy Tender Boat Pack 2

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This Railblaza mount pack is designed for the Polycraft Tuffy Tender, But may also be suitable as a great value pack for any small fishing dinghy or kayak.

Railblaza Rod Holder II - Black: The Rod Holder II is robust, versatile, and value for money, it will hold the rod while the rotating collar helps reduce ‘strike-theft’

  • Rotating collar helps reduce ‘strike-theft’
  • Rear gimble lock reduces rod rotation for compatible rods; lift to slide rods through
  • Fully adjustable 360° around, over 90° vertical
  • Easy access to reel when in position
  • Square-tooth adjustable tilt stops rotational slipping.

Railblaza Fillet Table: This bait and fillet table from RAILBLAZA provides a sturdy station for cutting bait and cleaning or filleting fish, which can be easily attached to any boat or dinghy. The Fillet Table II is a table top station that can serve all fish filleting and bait cutting needs. The rigid, injection moulded quality provides a sturdy and long lasting board that will function well for any catch. The convenient size of 525 x 350mm (20.8 x 13.8”) means the Fillet Table II can be moved around and attached to multiple surfaces, including boat railings (using the RailMount 19-25) and dinghies.

  • Knife storage - at the back for safety
  • An all-round drain that stops spill from the front
  • No front lip to get in the way while filleting
  • Easy-fit overboard drain, simply knock out the plug, and add a ¾" hose

Railblaza Dinghy Visibility Kit: The Dinghy Visibilty Kit is the perfect companion for small, tiller steered power boats and inflatables under 7 meters that do not exceed 7 knots. In one convenient, value-for-money pack that has everything needed to comply with the legal requirements in almost every country and territory. Disassembly when finished is quick and easy, and in the handy storage bag it will stow just about anywhere.

  • Extenda Pole 1000, adjustable to 3 heights
  • lluminate i360 All Round White LED light, 3 operation modes.
  • Waterproof to 1 metre
  • Light floats without pole attached
  • Meets USCG 2NM 33 CFR 183.810 & ABYC A-16, Independently tested by Imanna Labs Inc, Florida
  • Includes SidePort easily fitted to dinghy transom
  • Fasteners and storage bag included

Railblaza CleatPort: The cleat adds a tie off point for stern lines or bow lines on small craft. The StarPort gives the extra functionality of adding any RAILBLAZA accessory.

  • Two applications in one - tie off point and StarPort compatible
  • Provides extra functionality for RAILBLAZA accessories
  • Has unique backing plate to keep the stainless fastenings from aluminium decks

Railblaza Rail Mount 19-25: The RAILBLAZA RailMount 19-25 is a base mount that allows the secure and easy attachment of any RAILBLAZA accessories to the boats rails. The RailMount can be fitted to round boat rails, as well as to kayaks and other marine equipment. This marine rail mount is ideal for those who need to utilise it for holding different accessories, or those wanting to change the location of their Rod Holder II, Fillet Table, or GPS Three Axis Platform. The RailMount is simply screwed together with no drilling required so that it can be easily moved to a different spot, leaving the rail as good as new! The RailMount 19-25 can be clamped to any 19 or 25mm (0.75 or 1”) rail with ease, meaning more time can be spent on the important things such as fishing and diving instead of on the rail fittings. All installation hardware is provided including; adapters, rubber grips, self-adhesive grip tape, and the required stainless steel mounting screws.

  • Strong
  • Quick to fit
  • No clearance required underneath, the 2 screws are fitted from the top
  • Greater gripping power with the addition of grip tape.
  • Fits round rails 19mm to 25mm

Railblaza StarPort Extender: StarPort extenders plug into any StarPort, and have the same star shape on top with a clever little lock. The Fixed Extender adds 125 mm (5 in) of clearance from the StarPort - perfect for raising RAILBLAZA's Fillet Table - also an optimum distance for tight space requirements on kayaks or similar-sized craft.

  • Length: 150mm (6") overall, 125mm (5") of extension
  • Adds 125 mm (5 in) of clearance from the StarPort - perfect for raising RAILBLAZA's Fillet Table

Railblaza StarPort - Black: The RAILBLAZA StarPort is a unique and multifunctional mounting bracket for boating accessories, that can be used in a number of different ways. The main purpose of the StarPort is to allow users to fit and swap out our full range of RAILBLAZA accessories onto power boats, inflatables, sail boats, kayaks, ATVs, garages or any other place where a mount is needed. RAILBLAZA StarPorts are the easiest way to hold things on any boat, kayak, or any other vessel. With our extensive range of rod holders, drink holders, phone holders, tablet holders, camera and sounder or transducer mounting, navigation lighting, and much more.

  • StarPorts can be horizontally or vertically mounted in minutes
  • Low profile surface mount & minimal intrusion depth when recess mounting
  • Includes a stylish locking slide for securing accessories firmly in place
  • Gasket and bung reduces water ingress.

In The Box

  • 2 x 890-02402011 - Railblaza Rod Holder 2 Black
  • 1 x 890-02402411 - Railblaza Fillet Table
  • 1 x 890-04411911 - Railblaza Dinghy Visibility Kit
  • 1 x 890-03404411 - Railblaza CleatPort Black
  • 2 x 890-03401111 - Railblaza 19-25mm Rail Mount StarPort Combo - Black
  • 2 x 890-03401611 - Railblaza StarPort Extender 150mm
  • 2 x 890-03401511 - Railblaza StarPort Single Black
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