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Raymarine Dragonfly 4/5 Visor

Raymarine Dragonfly 4/5 Visor

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These screen protectors are designed to reduce sun rays and water splashes on your sonar. The screen protector then contributes to a sharper image, the ability to reduce the screen strength (which saves you power) and that you get a better image to distinguish structures and fish on your sonar. BerleyPro produces screen protectors for each specific sonar model to offer a perfect fit and make your sonar look nice!


      • Reduced exposure to the sun
      • Splash protection (especially around SD card slots)
      • Reduced operating temperature for sonar, especially by keeping the sun away from the chassis.
      • Longer battery life by lowering the brightness
      • Simplifies the use of touch screens as they are less water on the screen

    BP: 2102

    Fits these:

    - Dragonfly 4 DV
    - Dragonfly 4 PRO
    - Dragonfly 5 DVS
    - Dragonfly 5 PRO
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