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Snowbee XS-Plus Spectre Distance Floating Fly Line

Snowbee XS-Plus Spectre Distance Floating Fly Line

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The Spectre series of fly lines have a profile that extends beyond the range of Snowbee's traditional XS fly lines and at 30' longer are 40 yards in total length, necessary to accommodate their outstanding performance. Each of the Spectre Distance lines has the same head length at 47'. To achieve the benefit of longer casts however, the profiles have been tweaked accordingly, to optimise all casting abilities. The front taper is 7' in order to still achieve great turnover, especially at longer range and the longer rear taper of 8' extends the profile over which a good cast can still be achieved, whether the optimum head length has been precisely aerialised or not.

The rear taper on the Spectre lines start at a much extended 39', nearly 1/3rd longer than the standard XS. This provides a load point much longer than normal, yet still very manageable. So, where room behind for a decent back-cast, this helps significantly when distance casting, without adding bulk to the fly line to achieve the same. Snowbee lines are renowned for being very slim and byb extending the head length within manageable levels, this provides perfect rod flex when fully extended, without increasing wind resistance through bulk. With a longer head already extended, the cast automatically travels further. Snowbee's slim running line also then comes into play and is why these lines are now 120' long rather than the standard 90'.

  • Colour: Ivory / Chartreuse
  • Density: Floating
  • Line weights: WF 5/6/7/8
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