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Sunset Amnesia Monofilament

Sunset Amnesia Monofilament

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Made in the USA, the memory free, Sunset Amnesia Monofilament is a very popular line among many disciplines of fishing. It boasts a great multitude of applications and is used in many different ways across the board. Despite debate on what the line is best catered for, there is one point that all anglers can agree on, this is one heck of a line.

With high-abrasion resistance and knot strength along with being completely memory free, it is ideal for leaders and traces and also used as shooting and running lines as well. It is hugely popular in the sea fishing scene for shock leaders and snood rigs and is also great for stiff rig setups too.

The Sunset Amnesia Monofilament comes in either a 50m or an 100m spool depending on which breaking strain you choose and is available in a selection of colours you can choose from using our drop-down menu above.

Very popular with sea anglers for rig making

100m per spool depending on breaking strain
Memory-free monofilament line
Ideal for leaders, traces, shooting and running lines
Made in USA

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